Education through Innovation

One of Australia’s Innovative Learning Management Systems, Go1 is experiencing significant growth in interest due to the wide range of courses offered in it’s new library.

I was fortunate enough to be able to experience the system as a Pseudo User and found that whilst the software was quite good, there were other LMS offerings in Australia that were not far behind.

One of the key advantages in the LMS is that it is endorsed and backed by key educational institutions such as ARK Pilgrim.

Some of the things I liked about the Go1 LMS were that:

  1. It was fast to load and access content
  2. The customer support was great
  3. The price is affordable

I did not like:

  1. The Menu system, it was archaic
  2. The login interface, it was slow
  3. The help guides are outdated


Anyone in our industry knows that technology is a bit of a hurdle for builders and the like so any technology to teach that is easy to use is much needed.