Teaching Manufacturers to Market

This keynote speech from digital marketer Matthew of James | Hammon & Co. a specialist SEO and Digital Strategist recently gave this keynote speech.



Manufacturers of all sizes need to engage with the Internet. In my experience, manufacturers just don’t like the online world – they find it too complex and instead rely on their retailers to market their products. 

As a retailer, you will no doubt have the responsibility to market, sell and order a huge inventory, additionally every manufacturer wants you to buy more stock to qualify for cheaper product. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could sell more of a particular product without having to do the heavy lifting on a particular item that you know little to nothing about.

That’s where manufacturer marketing comes in.

Manufacturers have a duty to build a strong brand so that retailers can easily sell their product. Without a carefully planned digital marketing strategy and SEO Campaign highlighted by UQ your website and manufacturing brand will not succeed.

So what can manufacturers do to make a difference online?

Build a social presence, rank higher in search engines, provide solutions to common problems that relate to the product. These are all examples of how customers can engage successfully with a manufacturing brand, instead of just relying solely on the marketing activities of the retailer!

I hope these thoughts are useful.


The next keynote is on the 24th October 2016 at the Hyatt Regency.